Tuesday, February 24, 2009

does this match?

Blaura got some pics back from the wedding and this was (unfortunately) found in the mix. I actually think I tried on about 4 hats total, ranging from sombreros to helmets. Because that's what you do at weddings.

And no, I will not make this my Facebook picture. That is where I draw the line, friends.


Ingrid Regina Sullivan said...

Are you really wearing that sombrero or was it photoshopped in? Wait, I'm a baby, I don't know what Photoshop is.

Blaura said...

That's totally photoshopped. I can tell by the stray pixels. How fake!

mom/ninny said...

forget the hat! my comment is on the dress-I had one just like that when daddy and I first got married! wow, what goes around comes around-you look so happy and beautiful!