Thursday, February 26, 2009

so much to choose from

"Perusing the Stacks" from the Last Lakewood Series

I've been pouring through all of my old film, slides and boxes of printed images in the hopes to find the perfect collection for my photography portfolio. I'm hoping to have a selection up and running online by the end of this month, and I started this project with a bang. Suddenly I found myself quickly designing, coding, editing.

But the last few days I've been a bit stuck in regards to the direction I want to take it in. So I've decided to slow the process down just a little bit so that I can look at the collection from afar.

I want to take the time to peruse the stacks, to make thoughtful edits... to finally see it as a body of work.

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Dawn Gahan said...

I look through my Ali Harper Lakewood collection often, remembering with a longing ache in my heart just how much we loved going there.

See you this weekend, chica!