Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunny Outlook.

Thank goodness for the bit of sunshine and >30 degree temperature on Sunday! I think I finally thawed out. Miss Ellie got to romp a bit in the muddy backyard, and I got to work more on the TTV contraption I've been making to take photographs like the one above (of course, with the help of my Witt). I think we've finally got it down. I'll be adding some of these types of images to the shop when I get a little collection going.

I have also found out from the lot of you that having squirrels and/or rodents in your attic is not out of the ordinary, nor is it cheap to get them out. I finally have scheduled a "whole house exclusion" to be done on the place. Seriously, I'll do anything right now as the suckers have been keeping me up around the clock. If they paid rent that'd be one thing, but seriously, it's just plain nasty.

So in the wee sleepless hours of the night, I decided to come up with a more defined list of my resolutions. Plus I've read some of yours, and they have really me inspired. And of course, writing them down helps them to become real, and sometimes that's not a bad thing. So here goes...

- Blog more often
, even when I'm not particulary inspired.
- Text back, even just to say I received said text.
- Look up, even when I'm not feeling it.
- Eat at the dining room table, even if it's just me and the puppers.
- Shop/dress for my age, and remember it's quality over quantity.
- Take my camera along for the ride, even if it seems too heavy.
- Keep my expectations in check, especially with people I love.
- Take Ellie on long walks, even when it's cold. She deserves it.
- Write snail mail, especially to my niece and nephews.
- Take vacations, small or large.
- Make health a priority, especially when there are many temptations.
- Be thankful for my home, especially when the repairs seem overwhelming.
- Donate my time, especially when I feel I don't have any.
- Listen intently and respond thoughtfully.
- Remember to enjoy the process,
especially when I just want to get there already!
- Stand of my own two feet*, especially when it's easier to crawl.

*thoughfully written by Miss Ingrid Sullivan (my cousin's baby girl), 42 days old


Anonymous said...

Write us, Aunt Ali. We'll write you back, I promise!!

Riley Roo & Robbie & the little drooling-devil-girl

Ingrid Regina Sullivan said...

I'm not sure it's easier to crawl. Rolling over is hard enough. I'm going to stick to squirming for now.

But dressing your age is important, I agree.