Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bats in the Belfry.

Well, hello again.

The first of the year is always overwhelming to me which is why there has been radio-silence over here for what seems like an eternity! (Uh, do I have any readers still? Eeks.) I seem to make a ton of promises (er, resolutions) and then I attempt to do them all at once. From starting a budget to refinancing the house, not to mention, the whole get-back-into-shape routine, it's all just a little daunting.

I do love resolutions, however. The big-picture ones that is. For some reason, it's the one thing I do every year that truly does keep me focused. So besides making all those little resolutions, I make one shoot-for-the-moon one. This year it of course has to do with my Etsy site, more so photography in general. Just like last year, I'll keep you posted when it actually happens.

Right now, like a lot of folks I'm sure, I'm trying to clean out the cobwebs and get organized. Bill paying, closet rearranging, desk de-cluttering. Any tips that you've found that work for you? Oh, and I'm also trying to tackle some home improvement woes, the first one being ridding myself of the squirrels that have nested in the attic space above my bedroom. Not kidding. Dang, those suckers are loud and scratchy. They also have a routine — let's just say I now get up at 5am everyday.



L.C.T. said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Squirrels, aak! Remember the rats we had in FL? Yikes!

K :)

Ingrid Regina Sullivan said...

I have New Year's Resolutions as well! My goals for 2009:

- eat solid food

- sleep through the night

- stand on my own two feet

- keep on bein' cute

Good luck to us, Auntie Ali!