Saturday, July 26, 2008

Depression Glassware Show Treasures.

The annual Depression Glassware show put on by the Peach State Depression Glass Club is quite a sight to behold. About 4 years ago, a colleague of mine (who has a very impressive collection of all kinds of depression glass) invited me to go with her, and well, I got totally sucked in.

I've been every year since, searching for pieces to add to my collection, but also to just scour to find perhaps that unique piece that I've never seen before. It's funny, 4 years ago, I was definitely the youngest person there. But this year it was really crowded, filled with collectors young and old. You'll overhear conversations like, "I remember grandma had one of these", or, "I broke this dish and am looking for a replacement", to, "When I bought my first set it only cost 50 cents per plate".

You'll find things like glass lamps...

... to all kinds of Blenko pieces. I collect the blue Blenkos, so I had a hard time resisting this display. They have the most Blenkos I've every seen in one place.

If you like Fiestaware, this is the place to pick up those hard-to-find pieces. Like the mixing bowl set – I can't believe all the pieces are intact.

I also collect Fire-King (Jane Ray). There's tons of it here, in all the varieties, styles and colors. I find jadeite to be irresistible, don't you? The green color is just an exquisite, happy shade.

My friend collects the pink glass. Isn't it dainty?

So is this kid's tea set in the original box. Wow. It was going for about $500. Quite a find.

I fell in love with these. They almost came home with me, as did these glass rolling pins.

But this is what I came here for. Hazel-Atlas Capri Dots. This is the collection I started 4 years ago. I was looking for the berry bowls, but alas, did not find any. It's getting harder and harder every year... I guess they are becoming more popular.

But not to fret, I didn't come home empty-handed! I'll share with you in my next post. If you're in the Atlanta area today — get your butt on down there — it truly is an experience, and I'm sure you'll find something to treasure.


Dawn Gahan said...

Can't wait to see what you got!

I need a list of everything you collect so that I can keep my eyes open. Just when I think I know about all your collections, you mention one that you started years ago that I know nothing about! Who are you?!?!?

I need a list, missy.


mom/ninny said...

Ever since you introduced me to this show your father and I attend those close to us, however, looking at your pics I can tell that you have the best shows by far! Wish we could have been there...