Monday, July 21, 2008

Farmer's Pasta Dinner.

Witt and I were invited to spend last weekend with my bro and his stellar wife while they were relaxing (for a week sans 3 kids!) at their cabin in Blue Ridge. And wow, this kind of weekend couldn't have come at a better time for me. Sometimes, getting away from the responsibilities of the house and all that it entails plus physically un-gluing myself from the computer is just what the doctor ordered.

Their cabin is nestled near the Aska River — tons of trails to hike, rivers and lake to swim in, antique shops to peruse — truly a wonderful place to vacation to, and only an hour and half away. But this time, we chose to do things a little differently. The first evening, we we went to the Farmer's Pasta dinner at Crane's Creek Vineyard. (The second day we all chose to enjoy a round of golf at Brasstown Valley, but that's another story!) I don't think I'll need to do much explaining here to get the point across that this place is pure gorgeousness wrapped in a fairytale. The people who run the vineyard are just lovely, and they literally open their farm up for everyone to explore... plus feed them a yummy dinner and give everyone their fill of the wines that they produced for the season. Their wines are damn good, too, and you can't find them in stores. (Yes, we came home with a few bottles, not to worry!)

After I got a look at their abundant vegetable and herb garden, I said to Witt, "Gosh, one day, can we have a garden just like that?" And he replied, "Of course! And how about the vineyard, too?"

That's what I'm saying!


Dawn Gahan said...

This sounds like a perfect weekend. Have you known about this place all along or was it a recent find?


ali said...

K & R found it a few years ago... they gave me the gift of the Pasta Dinner for my bday, so I've experienced it once, but they never had! It's really a fun thing to do if you're in BR. Plus, they're open for tours on the weekends too. It's a really special place.