Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hazel-Atlas Capri Dots & Blue Blenkos.

So here's my collection of Hazel-Atlas (Capris Dots pattern) that I've been collecting the past few years. I fell in love with this set immediately when I was first introduced to the pattern. Uh, ok, that's sounds like I actually met someone, not a set of dishes! But I guess it also proves just how much I love my Hazel-Atlas.

This set comes with 2 different plates sizes, a soup bowl, a berry bowl, a small dessert bowl (I found that is just the perfect size for ice cream), tumbler, juice, old-fashioned and whiskey glasses, coffee cups & saucers. I may have missed some items here. Oh, and a sugar & creamer (Not pictured — but yes, I have those too thanks to mom)!

My favorite thing about these glasses (besides the gorgeous blue hue) are the tiny raised dots on the bottom of the plates and bowls. The glasses are actually dimpled; when you put liquid in them, they disappear because of the condensation. It's sort of magical, well, if glass can be magical. (Of course it can be, duh.)

Speaking of magic, here's the little pinch-pot Blenko that I scored this weekend. I collect the same color to go along with the dinnerware. This one will be good for cut flowers. Here's where it's residing today.

I believe that when you start a collection of depression glass, it's never for display only. Oh goodness no! I use all of it. That's the best part! It isn't fragile like the glass pieces you'll find at Crate & Barrel. Trust me, I've gone through an entire set of glasses from there, one breaking right after the other for various reasons...

They just don't make 'em like they used to. Yup, I said it.


Debbie said...

Thank you so much for joining! What a lovely set of blue, great pictures!

mom/ninny said...

Great purchase! Looks familiar-a little like mine only darker hue. I knew you were envious & the hunt was on...glad you were successful. Buy anything for me??????