Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Office.

I realized this weekend that ever since I got a laptop (thank you, jobby job), I rarely use my real office. It's kinda like having a guest bedroom that goes unused, except that now it's a guest bedroom plus an office that is rarely visited.

But that's ok.

Because since the weather's been beautiful, I'm using the front porch as my office, and quite enjoying the abundant view:

Oh, and it's also the place for those Saturday crosswords I told you about.

I just love this silly little house because the porch is somewhat enclosed, allowing for privacy — it isn't accessible from the outside — so it truly gets a great deal of use. That said, I'm thinking about doing a little black/white harlequin paint job on the cement floor since it is all peeling up. Good idea? Any suggestions?


moo said...

dude - perfect idea!

Melanie said...

i like the idea of painting the porch floor. you can also do some stenciling or make a rug pattern. i was thinking of doing that on my front porch but haven't gotten around to it yet!