Monday, June 23, 2008

Found Friday/Monday — Summer Light.

Well, a found Friday post was missed, but not forgotten. Since I had a little more time to consider my post, I decided to focus on what it looks like in the house during my favorite time and day of the week — early Saturday morning.

The light filters so beautifully throughout all the windows of the house. Whoever planted (or really, thoughtfully built around) the 3 big oaks in the backyard knew what they were doing — light sparkles in and out the blinds through their large branches starting at about 6:30 am and continues to flicker and dance off of the mirrored table and glass throughout the morning.

In the front, a few hours later, the light shyly fades into the living room through the french door that leads to the porch. It allows me to keep a few plants around inside — they seem to be fine with just the few hours of soft filtered light they receive.

The reason that I fell in love with this house is because of the light I saw the first day I entered the front door (and seeing from the book on the table, light is an important theme for me, ha). It was so very visually warm (yet it was February!) — the house immediately gave me the feeling that I was on vacation. And so I always love to be home on Saturday mornings — if only to feel like that — no work, just a quiet morning filled with coffee, crosswords, a playful puppy and warm, summer light.


L.C.T. said...

Seriously. I love the layout of your house and the decor. Love it.

Marianne said...

I agree, it's SO pretty. And you write beautiful descriptions too. Very jealous of the mornings with the playful puppy - heaven!

Alison said...

you are such a domestic inspiration! great photos!!