Saturday, June 28, 2008

Found Friday - MTV Cribs.

I thought you'd want to see what's in my fridge:

Ok, no, I'm totally kidding.

Actually, I'm showing you what is left of the contents of my fridge.

Yup, kids, the reason there was lack 'o posting this week is because I had no power for 2 days. For no reason other than I actually forgot to pay my power bill.

I have now realized that if one ever wants to feel "young again", well, just don't pay your power bill. It will immediately take you back to your college days. Ahhh. I was so confused when I came home and it was 85 degrees in my house, and after talking with both my neighbors and seeing that they had power, I was like, oh poo! Did I not pay my bill?

I still cannot believe that I did that! Now, to be clear, EP basically only gives you 30 days and not so much notice that you haven't paid your bill (it's a municipal) before they cut you off. But still, people, I'm a grown woman here! Geesh. All I know is that I need to slow down my pace a little bit and get my act together, or, at least my bill paying area.

Well, that's one way to get around to cleaning out your fridge, right?


Dawn Gahan said...

ya nut. i'd encourage you to slow down but I'm way guilty lately of going 100 miles an hour, so I have no right to preach.


mom/ninny said...

You do a lot, Ali and always very well. Don't beat yourself up. You are allowed a few mistakes or omissions. love you!