Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random Roll.

So I went to get the photos developed from Finley's Baptism a few weeks ago, and whoopsy! I had completely forgotten about the roll from Thanksgiving that never, ever was developed. That was a fun surprise to get! Here are a few more shots that I fell in love with:

Ellie is so weird. Sometimes I thinks she thinks she is human. Get down, Ellie! Sheesh. I'm blaming that one on Ninny's encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Hey AL!

Lukey told me you called and left a message for me!

I am down here in FL at mom and dad's!
We are having a peaceful couple of weeks' break and lots of pool time!!!

I miss you!
I want to get together when we get home!
I will call you!

LOVE your blog so much!!!


bobthedad said...

That's two good looking chicks on the tracks!

mom/ninny said...

I just love being your feature article-I feel as though I am an ad for Ralph Lauren or JCrew!! I remember with fondness that weekend and especially my walk with my grandpuppy when we found a discarded bird's nest-such a treasure it ended up on my wreath at Christmas! love you both!!