Friday, June 6, 2008

Found Friday, June 8th.

My mom gave me this really amazing, teeny tiny horoscope desk calendar for 2007. I woke up every morning, giddy to flip it to the next day... always trying to anticipate what it would say, if what it did say carried significant meaning for the day, and if so, how that one little sentence would influence me.

Friday, June 8th, 2007 (one year ago):

"Unexpectedly developments are a harbinger of necessary, liberating, or even profitable change. Now use your diplomatic skills and/or killer charm to cope with any disruptions brought on by these twists to the tale."

That single sentence gave me the confidence that I needed to call Witt. You see, I had met him practically 6 weeks earlier, and after that we continued to stay in touch, eventually writing emails to each other that could be described as short novels. But I had hesitated in really allowing myself to (gasp!) go on a formal date. So, one day, I wrote to him about meeting up on Friday (June 8th) for happy hour with some of my friends, you know, something casual and not particularly datey. After a week of not hearing from him (regarding what I thought was a bold move on my part!) I started thinking that perhaps I had said something wrong, or maybe he just wasn't interested — you know — all those squidy feelings you get when you've put yourself out there and don't get what you expected (or wanted).

I don't know if I needed a sign or perhaps a push, and this silly horoscope calendar did it for me. As soon as I got home from work that evening, I grabbed the page from the calendar, scribbled his phone number that he had given me from an early, early email (he never did have mine) on the back of it and called him on my way out the door — leaving an incredibly babbling and fidgety, lip-biting, toe-circling in the sand, run on sentence that ended with a "hey, we um, based on my previous email, eh, maybe we should hang out sometime". He called me back immediately, and so gentlemanly asked me out on a formal date for the next evening, setting up every detail. The long of the short of it is... he explained that he had email problems through work — their server had basically shut down correspondence for a few days, so he just never got my email. Ever. Disruptions brought on by twists to the tale. He felt terrible. I felt great — I was just so happy I got up the nerve to call him.

I have never been a person who believes that everything happens for a reason. Instead, I think things happen, good or bad, and how you react to them carries meaning. I like to think that we control the path that we're on, the person who we are to become... with little bits of guidance, whether that be from a silly little desk calendar, or perhaps, something much much bigger.

Happy Anniversary, Witt. I'm so glad we found each other.


Dawn Gahan said...

Ok, that was just too sweet! I am so glad you found each other, too. I like seeing you happy.

Sorry we keep missing each other on the phone!


mom/ninny said...

Cancerians have such control of imagery! You make me feel your mood with every line you write just like your cameras and your photographs. Every experience is engraved on your heart as a photograph. I too am glad you are happy with your life right now. xoxo mom