Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Festival.

I am so excited because the Inman Park Festival is tomorrow. It's truly my favorite fest of the year – I don't think I've ever missed it. It's at the perfect time in Spring, where it is still somewhat cool outside, and it's held amongst wonderful turn of the century homes that teem with folks who hang on their front porches to people-watch and enjoy this amazing weather. Plus, it's juried, so the artwork and crafts are typically really great, and you can't help but be inspired. Oh, and there's this ridiculous parade that is done every year — people dress up in outrageous costumes, dancing about, playing instruments, just being silly. It's quite a sight!

I got to have lunch yesterday with my dear friend Leigh, who has a booth there this year! I'm so excited for her. She makes beautiful glass wine stoppers, necklaces, rings and ornaments. I gifted them for Christmas last year and they were a huge hit.

I've scored many great finds over the years — I've never left empty-handed. I got this birdhouse last year. They guy who makes this is incredibly talented. He told me they really weren't for outside use, but I didn't care. I figured out how to attach galvanized plumbing poles and fashioned it so it could be stuck in the ground. I think it's weathered quite nicely — I really love all the fractures and cracks and thinks it just gives it more character. I've had a few bird families nest in it too.

I also have started collecting Cara Gilbert's beautiful porcelain pottery. I couldn't resist those raised polka dots. Oh, I hope she's showing so I can scoop up one more.

But the Inman Park Festival has much more significance for me this year. It's the day that I met Witt, exactly one year ago. It was a chance encounter, but I think we've been meaning to meet for quite some time now; it just was never the right time. We've either lived less than an hour away from each other practically our whole lives, or attended college at the same school during the same years... and I happened to be at the festival with a girl that I worked with; he happened to be her neighbor for the past year. He crossed a field to speak with me and we talked incessantly for three hours. It was that simple, yet every little piece of the puzzle suddenly was neatly coming together before us.

And now we get to go back, a year later, together tomorrow. I could think of nothing sweeter.


Dawn Gahan said...

Happy Anniversary! How sweet that your anniversary is a festival. Love that. Soooooo you.

Leigh said...

I LOVE the Inman Park festival. It means so much to me and my husband. I missed it one year and now try to go back for it every year. Me and my husband went to the same college too and didn't know each other and when we met years later it turned out that we lived right down the street from each other in Little 5. I wonder where you live--your house looks so cute. We used to live in East Lake before we moved to San Francisco.