Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Secret Project.

I loved making this for Mom (or Ninny, as she is known by her grandkids & grandpup) — the pattern is designed by the wonderful & talented designer/blogger Amy Karol, or, Angry Chicken. I can't say that it was super easy, mainly because I ended up embellishing it with 2 over-sized pockets, deep enough to carry wooden spoons about the kitchen. I used the fabric I had purchased from Purl, and I couldn't be happier with how the fabric ended up working together. I of course had to make 2 aprons – not because I wanted one for myself, but because no matter what pattern I work from, the second one always turns out better. So yes, the first one is on the left, the second, gifted one, is on the right.

I have to say this was one of the most most difficult weeks I have had in quite some time. I'm slowly readjusting to the new speed life seems to need of me, trying to figure out how to balance my home life again, working on making sure that work doesn't sneak into every corner of it. It's quite an adjustment. I'm a shade frazzled.

On the other hand, you can't really beat the fact that I'm actually posting this while outside swinging on my porch swing... I have a puppy dog curled up beneath me, a little family of baby birds snuggly nested above me (more on this in my next post) and soon to have a cold beer in my hand to wrap up the day. Witt configured my computer so that I am now wireless; not that I want to work all the time, but how nice it is to choose where I work... I can even be online all the way on the back patio!

So here's a toast to all you Mom's out there. And especially to you, Ninny. I wish I could have spent this day with you at your beach — searching for sand dollars, painted toenails squishing together in the shallow tide pools. Searching for just one more, to be found by the day's end.


Alison said...

My moms is going to love this post, A. She adores you through the internet and is going to flip when she sees these (they're beautiful). And is that a Longaberger basket?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Ninny is a lucky Mother.

And, beer is good.


ali said...

Thank you!

I adore your moms too - I love the 10 reasons why you love your moms post. So awesome. You guys have such a wonderful relationship.

And yes, that is my Longaberger sewing basket! Funny that you knew it straight away. My mom sells them as a side business and it was a gift to me when she taught me how to sew. I keep all my patterns in it.

mom/ninny said...

My ali-how I love my apron and wear it every day. It is so nice that the funny boxer shorts I "made" you sew back in the 6th grade have now turned into such a nice rewarding hobby for you and wonderful gifts and treasures for family and friends. You are so talented. Thank you for making my day so special. love, ninny