Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finish what you start.

The doll I made last week is still laying upon the dining room table, wishing for a face. (Sigh.) I realized after she was completed that I had used regular muslin rather than the canvas that the pattern had called for. So... I'll need to pick up some fabric paint instead of using my acrylics as I had planned. But it's given me some time to practice just what type of face to give her, and I seem to have filled my sketchbook with tons of variations. Witt says the one that I've chosen (above) will make her look like Laura Ingalls, and I so agree. I'm now giving her an apron instead of a scarf (see: gathers galore), which should make her look even more Half Pint-ish.

Since that project has stalled, I decided to focus my attention on collecting some more fabric for spring/summer projects. I still had some dollars left to spend from the gift certificate I got to Purl, and I went a little crazy since they just got the new Amy Butler line in: Midwest Modern.

I also got some goodies from the Moda line (above).

As usual, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to use this fabric for. No, that's not true. I have tons of ideas, just not sure which ones will be perfect applications, so I'm waiting until I get the fabric to make a final decision. Crossing fingers it will be here by Friday.

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