Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birds in the Fan.

A little bird mom and dad decided that my front porch fan was the best place to raise their family of 4 babies. I only noticed them right after they were born; the chirping was actually alarming. I've watched them grow from teeny tiny little things into giant creatures, eagerly flapping their wings and practically pushing their siblings out of their shared and overgrown nest. Ellie's had fun watching them too (which made me incredibly nervous, as she is a bird dog.)

I've been meaning to take pictures of them all along, but didn't get around to it until tonight, so these are the only documented photos of them. I was about to go take a few more from the front of the house and when I pointed the camera at the nest, they weren't there! I'm totally not kidding. Gone. It had only been like 5 minutes. So, now I'm totally frantic. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy - I've been scouting out the pear tree in front to see if maybe they flew in there? Does this mean they won't be coming back (or maybe they are just out for a learning-to-fly-jaunt)? Because, now I miss them.

But I won't be missing this:

Ewwwwwwwww. Somebody had berries for dinner.

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