Monday, February 9, 2009

The Moulin Rouge.

Blaura (my friends Ben + Laura) got married on Saturday at Paris on Ponce. It's this massive, amazing antique store that has a space you can rent for weddings — all decked out like the Moulin Rouge. It's filled with crazy props, mannequins, turn of the century furniture, costumes... and is red, red, red all over. Kinda like a giant French Valentine.

It was magical and beautiful. You must take a peek:

Ben & Laura from on Vimeo.

But my favorite part of it all was when everyone got together for a little Gator spirit... chanting 2-bits, then singing We Are the Boys... and then of course, Gator-clapping our way off the dance floor. Oh, and their get-away car was a Mini-Cooper which just happened to be orange and blue with a the Gator emblem on top.

Yeah, it was that kind of wedding.

The best kind.

They are just so awesome.

(Many congratulations, Blaura!!!)