Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Late Bloomers.

Last year, Mom gave me 12 dahlia tubers for the yard. We weren't really sure if they would take, or how big they would get. Turns out, they got about 7 ft tall and bloomed like crazy! But with the weight of all the large blooms, the stems started breaking at the base, and I lost a great deal of the buds.

So this year I researched how to "pinch off" the new growth so that the plants will grow out and not just up. Unfortunately, that meant that they didn't bloom until October (I started seeing flowers in early September last year). Better late than never, I suppose!

These pink ones inspired a new header graphic for the Fall. Plus, I figured it was time for a change, dontcha think? Perhaps I could change them out seasonly...


Lisa said...


Love the new header photos. Especially the one of a dozing Elle-Belle.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

P.S. Saw the perfect companion to Ellie this past weekend at the SF SPCA -- an adorable 4 mos old female retriever/lab mix -- orange/brown with white spots. I might go snatch her up. Too cute!

Anonymous said...


I love your new photos!
How beautiful.
They inspired me to get my fall decorating underway!!!
Baking too!

The Vintage Flea (that store I told you about in Newnan) is doing their Ladies Nights again. I can't go to the one next week, but I will let you know when the Nov one is and hopefully you can come down!

Miss you!