Friday, August 8, 2008

Found Friday — SJP & Me.

Remember that unimportant meme post about a month back?

I met (and got a hug from!) Sarah Jessica Parker — yes, SJP — when I was a senior in highschool. She gave out the awards for the Congress Juried Art Show; I won the Florida Congress show by submitting/exhibiting an oil painting of my Great Grandmother, Amelia. All the state winners were invited to D.C. to see their works hanging in the halls of Congress (they remained there for a year). At the time, I was more excited about meeting Ms. Footloose, but also bummed that I hadn't won the year prior since it was Tom Cruise who was handing out the awards then. Funny how that all turned out. I had my picture taken with her, and yes, she is very very petite. (And taller than me.) I wonder where that picture ended up?

Well looky here (courtesy of Mom's scanner)!

Let's look a little closer, shall we?
1. Yup, I had curly hair. Not as coifed as hers, of course. SJP is always naturally perfect. Perfect curl, perfect part, perfect length. Mine is more of a crimp-and-go style. Set with Aqua-net.
2. I seem to be wearing curtains for pants.
3. SJP raided a Laura Ashley Outlet Store. Even so, she looks perfect.
4. I am wearing a choker.
5. I am wearing that choker with a vest.

They took a color photo too...

Yup, she still looks perfect. She even coordinated to match the flags behind her. Of course she did. Mom also scanned the letter that Congressman Mica sent to me (it was enclosed with the 2 photos).

Yes Congressman Mica, we sure do enjoy the photos. We sure do.


mom/ninny said...

I do remember Mrs. Frost and I accepting the original award at LBHS for you(you were the first winner from Mica's district)since you were "so busy" doing something with your friends and you were sure you would not win! If you recall you won everything you ever entered! I'm still a proud mother and that's why I've saved it all!!!
PS I really wanted to see Tom Cruise too! Still do!

Jaime said...

love it!

Alison said...


I hope you're framing this.

Sarah Jessica Parker said...

I wish you would have co-starred with me on "Sex and the City" because I love you! Giving you that award was such a special time for me.