Friday, May 23, 2008

The First Found Friday.

In thinking about my Friday found post, I wanted to share yet another home decoration/interior design blog that I have fallen in love with. And she totally delivers on her blog title, Absolutely Beautiful Things, as I've yet to gaze upon anything she shares that isn't more than inspirationally gorgeous.

Well, I promised a peek into the 'ol homestead for Friday, and then realized today that I had no decent camera to shoot with. Witt took the Canon with him to New York to find another lens for it... one that is extra-wide angle, which is very wonderful and exciting since I feel like I've been shooting all zoomed in. So now I've found myself having to take pictures with my iPhone. Whoopsy!

This is what my hallway looks like at 6:30 in the morning... It's a small little nook. I have always loved the 1930's homes that have that little built-in telephone nook in the wall (this 1940's home just missed that design)... for some reason, it just seems like the perfect place to have a telephone. It's the most thoughtful, perhaps, because you'll never end up interrupting anyone since you aren't chatting away in a room and are somewhat sequestered. So I did my best to recreate that thought with a old style phone and a found metal stool. In any case, I truly need to get some details of this space photographed, and, in color.

Will work on a better Friday Found for next week. I promise. New lens and all. But until then, just think about that quote up there for a second... "She designed a life she loved." Isn't that splendid? Makes me want to take a step back from this crazy, tired week and swash giant brushstrokes of big-picture plans across tomorrow. You're with me there, right? What a wonderful (found) inspiration.

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L.C.T. said...

Ah see now looking at pictures like that and your last one, makes me look forward to being able to design my own home! Definitely inspired :)