Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oops, I caught the bouquet!

Just got back from Witt's cousin's wedding in Baton Rouge. I don't think you could have ordered up a more beautiful weekend... the weather was crisp, allowing sunlight to filter through the stained glass windows in abundance.

Her flowers were the most gorgeous interpretation of Spring. Bright and soft pinks, golds and purples in all different textures.

And they precisely matched the stained glass. See the two rings interlocking? Isn't that neat?

I got to visit with practically his entire family, who was in abundance too. His mom is one of six, including a set of twins. We spent the weekend doing wedding stuff of course, which included a delicious homemade girl's luncheon and a crawfish boil! I wish I had brought the camera for that one. It was my first time eating those little suckers, and I found them to be quite tasty (er, spicy), incredibly messy and a tad bit disgusting. Those dangly legs freaked me out, but I was able to push past it because they truly did taste amazing...

...And c'mon, when in Rome... eat the crawfish and catch the "beauxquet"! (Eeeegaaad, sorry, I just couldn't resist!)


Dawn Gahan said...

Lovely pix. Yes, photos from the boil would have been super fun!


Anonymous said...

Why don't my pictures look like yours?