Tuesday, April 22, 2008

(My) Earth Day.

I had planned on spending today in the garden — all day, that is. But first, I needed to get some filler plants and also flowers for my window boxes and containers. Oh, and shrubs to line the shady area of the shed. So, I went on my merry way to my favorite garden store — HD Landscape and Supply... and low and behold, they were shut down. Bought out, that is. Danggit! I loved that place — nearly everything in my garden is from there. Not only do they have the best selection, they were just so helpful. I hate forking my money over to non-helpful places... like my closest Lowe's, sorry, but I've never had a great experience there until today, that is. So, with that thought it mind, off I hoofed it to Pike Nursery. Bah. Too expensive. But a great selection! So, I got some of the more random plants I knew I wouldn't be able to find and then ended up back at Lowe's. Funny thing, it was quite a lovely experience this go around — great plants, good prices, decent customer service. I'm glad a gave them another chance. If anyone out there knows of a better nursery I should try, especially one that's not a "big box", please do share.

All that to say, by the time I got to purchasing everything, it was a bit too hot, so I only got the front done. But, I also did some planting inside. Here's my favorite:

I got this scale at Lakewood last year. I had intended to use it in the kitchen, to actually weigh stuff for baking. But I found that it is the perfect height to put a plant on. Plus, it tells me precisely when it needs water... when it reaches 3 lbs! If only all plants could do that trick.


melanie said...

i have started reading your post since harpy put it as a link on hers. i, too, love old things and this scale is great! was wondering if you could tell me where to get those lightning bugs - living in florida we never see them and i think it would be great fun for my cats.

ali said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks for the inquiry (and for reading!!!). I just found out that they were purchased at Art & Artifact:


I grew up in Florida... and you're so right! They really aren't abundant there. So, I hope this helps you and your kitties!

Alison said...

Ali, that's totally my moms. She's a big fan. Ha!

nolan & brandon said...

Have you tried looking for plants at the Farmer's Market in Forest Park? There are a few folks there who come regularly and I guess some that just come seasonally. We, also, tire of the no-service and sometimes no-selection available at the bix box chains.