Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring in NYC

It was bitter cold in the Big Apple last weekend, but for the first time, sunny! Thank goodness, because I swore I wouldn't be going back if I got rained on yet again (it's been every time, folks, every time!).

Spring has just begun to show itself, too, which was amazing to see. From clothing store window displays to the park itself... dull gray sweaters have been traded with cheerful yellow overcoats. Tulips are just beginning to pop through the newly spread mulch, while the daffodils bounce in the wind. Even the New Yorkers seem more pleased with themselves and have taken to sitting outside at small cafes to drink their lattes and even share a meal together in the 40 degree weather. This is something I had a hard time understanding as you'd never catch me doing anything sedentary in less than 60 degree weather, but I went with it, and visited as many villages I could get to without becoming too frozen.

Soho: Purl, the most delicious fabric store. Yes, I would love to take classes! Sign me up.

The underbelly of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Upper East side: shop corner flowers in every color imaginable.

Midtown: Krunch pizza. Yes, it was crunchy.

Chelsea: goodies from the market where the film all the Food Network shows.

Upper West Side: runners (making it look almost easy) doing a marathon through Central Park.

Wishing I was still there. I hear it's nearing 50 degrees today.

(I've posted all the pics here, to bring me back when needed.)

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Dawn Gahan said...

Although I can only see a portion of your face, this has to be one of my favorite pictures of you!

Dawn E. Girl