Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Wedding.

Witt's brother got married last weekend (to the most fabulous and beautiful firecracker of a woman, I must say) and I got to join in the festivities. It was wonderful and the family members were all in attendance... needless to say, it was a big 'ol celebration. I don't even need to point out how lovely her dress was, because wow, just look at it (and her)! I always love trying to get the first shot of the couple when they are "announced" as husband and wife. Their massive smiles say it all, right? What a great moment.

My second favorite moment is the couple's first dance... I think it says a lot about who they are. Some people choreograph, some people take formal dance lessons, and some, well, just wing it and make it look easy. And that's precisely what K & D did. I love that about them. They are effortless and happy. And spinning and dipping and laughing — and most of all, having fun. Together, all the time.

But this is just a wonderful moment too, that I had to share... the Mother + Son First Dance. I don't know, the color just turned out exactly how the evening felt — warm and magical. And I love that you can see his new wedding band, bouncing off the light.

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