Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank goodness I got the flu.

Most of you know this already, but I want to give a little back story in the hopes that this post becomes one giant "Thank you" to all of you who've persevered with the complaints, excuses, postponements (etc.) of the last, say, 15+ years of my life.

I had a ongoing sinus infection since Christmas. Icky stuff. Didn't go away... then I got the flu. Then had to travel on a plane with the flu. (If you've had to do this before, you can empathize - seriously it's worse than torture.) The sinus pressure, headaches and goopy stuff just never went away... and thanks to my brother's and Witt's encouragement, I made an appointment to see an ENT. Well, 2 visits and 1 CT scan later, we have a real answer: I'm. Not. Crazy. I'm not crazy! I know, I keep saying it, and my wonderful doctor allowed me to scream it in her office too. There's a reason (or reasons) I've had a headache for most of my adult life and why every cold I get turns into a sinus infection!

Not to go into too many details, but basically what's involved is a very badly deviated septum + a giant air pocket that pushes against the septum making it difficult to breathe (and creating a permanent area for infection) + a cyst. I saw all the "pictures" from the scan, and it is truly amazing how wobbly and wrong it all looks. Supposedly all of this is fixable through surgery, and so I'll have to postpone it a bit while I do more research and get better insurance coverage. But in the meantime...

Please accept my heartfelt apologies for all the complaints of headaches, and my incessant "See... right here? My eye is swollen. No, I can't go out tonight. Yep, still have a headache. Could you just poke my eye out to relieve the pressure? I can't see straight. Can I bum some ibuprofen?"

Because I'm really looking forward to our next conversation to be, "Absolutely, I'd love to go out tonight. I couldn't feel any better". And I know you are too.

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