Monday, January 14, 2008


Took the car to the shop on Friday and got the bad news: it will cost approximately $7k to fix what is wrong with it. And that is no joke. And not worth doing. Big sigh, since I only had 6 payments left on it.

So, I spent the weekend looking for a replacement to Little Smokey, and in doing so, have learned a great deal about myself:
1. I really love my garden. So much so that every comment regarding the consideration of trunk space begins with, "Yeah, but I wouldn't be able to fit a bunch of medium-sized plants back there".
2. I want to be green. But I hate that it means I have little to no acceleration.
3. I consider Ellie first. I'm constantly asking, "Would she like her own door and window?", or, "Would she be comfortable laying down back there?", and most importantly, "What color leather would not show the hair of a black and white dog?"

Well, I was looking forward to no car payment and now I'm looking forward to new car smell. And that will be ok. Because I think I found just the ticket.

Zoom, zoom anyone?

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