Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Go, go, play in the snow!"

That is what I got to say to Ellie today for the first time ever.
And here's her reaction as she watches it fall to the ground:

She was so curious! So off she went exploring in the backyard.

She found that the birdbath became a snowbath...

...and even the birdhouse was snow-covered!

The glass mushrooms are holding court nicely in the iced-over herb garden.

The snow stuck on the roof for a bit.

Well, Ellie absolutely loves snow. She thought it best to dig it up to see if the ground was still underneath it all.

And then run around with every toy she could find - at top speed!

She took short visits back inside to warm up and shake off the snow, and then was back at it, exploring every bit of the backyard.

Pretty, cool for Hotlanta, don't you think?

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