Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good friends just know.

This week I was gifted the most most thoughtful and wonderful presents from friends and had to share.

1. A Diana Camera... new and improved!

Look at her. Ain't she a beauty? I cannot wait to take pictures. The one I had gotten on ebay a few months ago was bunk. (Sorry ebay, I love you, but it's true.) I think this one is going to be so much fun to shoot with. Lot's of experimenting to commence.

2. 3 CD's FILLED with Christmastime music... collected over the years. I had none and now I have homemade mixes just for me!!! (And I'm listening to them right now!)

3. 3 beautiful hand-crafted wire angels. They are darling and look just amazing on the mantle.

I've been getting all caught up in the madness of the season (who doesn't, really, eesh) and lost a little bit of the reason for why all of this is done. Hopefully this post will keep me in check and bring me back to reality. Because, seriously, it's just the best feeling to open up a gift and know that that person just knows you and is thinking of you. That's the best part. Feeling very warm and fuzzy.

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