Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Confessions of a guilty mom.

Miss Ellie went to daycare today so that I can have a bit of a reprieve and sew until my heart's content tonight... without feeling too guilty. It's really tough when it get this cold and dark out so early because she doesn't get her daily walk in. I would think being couped up all day in the house without being able to prance about even for a little while has to get depressing for her. That's when the guilt sets in for me because I've been coming home and immediately going to "work" downstairs.

This is a picture of the look I get when I come home and she realizes there will be no "W-A -L-K".

And this is a picture of Ellie taken at daycare this past summer... can we see a difference???

Oh yes, they take photos AND they have a streaming video so you can actually witness the playing real-time. It's hilarious. I checked in on her today and she was chasing a puppy as fast as she could around the plastic children's playhouse they have stationed in their "area". Witt asked me if I thought she realized when I dropped her off that she was going there just for "play-time". I do wonder what she thinks and if she really likes it. Oooh, I know I do. She'll be pooped for the rest of the evening!

Oh, and I got her a great new collar (under $10!!!) at Old Navy this past weekend to get her into the holiday spirit as well. I don't really have good luck with clothes shopping there, but they never fail to disappoint for the kids/puppies/gifties. I'm not one to dress up Miss Ellie (costume or otherwise), but if I was, I would look into this. Looks like a new thing for them...

Oh yes, I just heard you say "Awwwwwww". Totally agree.

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