Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You can never go back?

I just picked up my photos from last weekend's trip to my alma mater's Homecoming Game. I was concerned at first, because I had loaded my camera with black and white film, not really thinking about how cool it was going to look amongst a sea of Orange & Blue. But there's nothing like black and white film to give you that nostalgic feeling, which is precisely what happened upon my return. I hadn't been back since, hmmm, 1999?

Ah college.

So yes, a few years. A good bit has changed too — so many restaurants and coffee shops on campus. It's like a city within a city now. Well, except the Fine Arts area hasn't changed a bit. Not. A. Bit. It was really easy to imagine myself at that time again because of it. I really wanted to peek inside and check to see if that odd smell of turpentine mixed with spray adhesive was still lingering.

I never really attended the games when I was there... seemed to always rather want to work in the Studio instead, so usually I sold my ticket. It was a nice change to actually sit in the Swamp and take it all in this go around. And I got sucked in... bought a bunch gear and presents for the family. I think I did it backwards — became a Gator fan after I was in attendance. But I guess, better late than never...

That said, I bought a new rotary cutter to help with cutting out my fabric tonight. I know! Why have I not bought this tool before? I am the worst cutter. Can't cut a straight line to save my life. And these are teeny tiny pieces, so hopefully this will do the trick!

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