Monday, November 19, 2007

(Not) So Lonely

I just love it when the weekend starts early. I mean, when I actually do something on Friday evening after work instead of just immediately getting into the jammies + frozen pizza + light cleaning that has been the norm as of late. Instead, I got to have a girls-night-out which involved a friend from decades ago, one grapefruit/rosewater martini, 3 types of pasta (truffle mac-n-cheese to boot), 2 different waitresses (we found it was too cold and the seats were way fussy outside) and one giant stream-of-consciousness conversation that could have won awards for number of topics covered in just a few hours of togetherness. Yes, girl-talk. A gift from the heavens. And of course, old friends... the kind that really know you and they get how you think because of your history, so much so that the conversation can veer from left to right because you have your own language together.

The weekend was filled with lazy mornings too, which is just the second best gift (girl-talk being the first, of course) and continued sessions of basement/house cleaning (ahhhhh, relief!), and a trip to get ridiculously fresh bagels and muffins (carb heaven) for my family that came in on Sunday .

But yes, I was able to pack in even more. Can you believe it? No. I am still in awe of the fact that I was taken to the Police concert on Saturday. Yes, I saw Sting. Sting! And yes, it was absolutely brilliant. I remember when I was I guess 8 or 9, my best friend's older sister (who I adored and thought was the coolest. girl. ever.) was a giant fan of the Police. Posters of them were plastered all over her teenage walls and the design of them fascinated me. These posters made me think that these boys were Gods. Sometimes she would let me sit in her room with her and listen to her tapes. I really wasn't sure what I was hearing - I was so very young and naive - but I knew that I loved it and I wanted more.

And more we got. We had amazing seats... 8 up from the soundboard. Could really see everything. So he's supposedly in his mid 50's, but wow, he's doing something right. It's neat to see someone still doing what they love. I couldn't stop from wondering if it was annoying for him to have to go back and perhaps relearn the songs, or if it was an enjoyable journey, mainly because it seemed as if the drummer was having the most fun of all of them. It's not always easy to go back, even for rockstars, I suppose. Ha.

The weekend ended with M, D & Witt for dinner at the local pub, drinks and dessert at home... and Miss Ellie in the guest-room snuggled up with me for the evening.

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