Tuesday, September 22, 2009

launch, launch and away!

So sorry I've been a bit absent of late — but not to worry — it's all good things and I'm so excited to share the news! One of the projects that I've been working on which has been near and dear to my heart — the Calphalon website — launched in the wee hours of Saturday morning!

It's truly one of the most rewarding sites I've had the opportunity to art direct. In fact, I even shot a handful of the Unison lifestyle photographs you will see on the site (even the main one on the homepage). I'm hoping there are more commercial shoots like that to come... I definitely got my feet wet and I am hooked.

This, of course, put even more "fire under my butt" to get my personal photography site up and running. I'm so thrilled to announce that Ali Harper Photography is now open for business! Please do visit when you get a chance.

I've truly missed Flibberty this past month, but know that there is a really good reason for it — will be unveiling that in just a few days...

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