Monday, June 8, 2009

the green apple.

Just got back from a quick jaunt to visit my sweetie in the Big Apple. Which, by the way, is very, very bright green these days... the park looked like it was covered in a fuzzy moss blanket. Sigh. I just adore the city in the beginning of summer. So fresh.

We got to spend some quality time with A & A, eating the most delicious home-cooked/hand-made Mario Batalli lasagna off their brand new wedding china (us being the first ones to test drive it!). It was a blast reliving their big day, and exciting to girl talk about the beginnings of planning mine. Plus, Witt and I got to pick up my ring (it was getting sized there) and it was fun to wear it for the first time with it snug on my finger. I had previously been sporting a bright blue twist tie around it to keep it on! I don't know why, but it just all felt very celebratory for us — a mini-vacation engagement getaway of sorts.

We ate dinner the previous night at the Mermaid Inn, an incredibly charming seafood/rawbar on the West Side. Explored the Natural History Museum when it rained. Cut through the park when it was sunny. Ate delicious cinnamon buns, scones and muffins at my favorite bakery. Tested new lenses and gear at B&H (holy moly, who knew the enormity of this place!). Shoe shopped in SOHO. And of course, slept in.

Oh yes. It's safe to say I'm missing NYC and my Witt. (Happy Anniversary... it's been an incredible journey so far; I honestly couldn't imagine being any happier than I am today.)

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mom/ninny said...

are you in love? could hardly tell!! hee-hee