Wednesday, June 24, 2009

moroccan magic.

It was a true dream and honor to photograph this amazing bridal shower, creatively designed and inspired by my dear friend, Dawn, with floral arrangements by my other dear friend, Courtney!

I can't even begin to describe all of the details that went into making this party a truly festive event. Ok, I'll try: there were were hand-painted cups, perfectly organized trays of homemade food, fabric napkins holding jeweled cutlery, strung fabrics, elaborate tropical arrangements, stenciled fans, hand-crafted and personally written notecards... just to name a few! But what I can describe in full (er, in photos that is) is just how heart-warmingly it all was accepted. Everyone who came through that gate experienced such a magical place — so wonderful that it was hard not to smile really, really big.

It's true that one's visual surroundings affects the overall feeling of a party (yes, those details do count!) — and the feeling here was an exotic warmth that was intoxicating. No one wanted the party to end... which is how it should be!

(I cannot wait to begin designing my wedding with Dawn and Courtney! I'm going to be so spoiled.)

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L.C.T. said...

As ever, truly TRULY beautiful photographs.