Friday, May 29, 2009


There weren't too many bright and sunny days at the reunion, but when there was a break in the storms, the baby cousins sure knew how to do the pool in style.

Miss Rachel has been learning how to swim, and she was really brave jumping into the pool with Mom. Luke was super new to all of this fun — he kinda slept through it all. Miss Ayden was a trooper, and was the first one into the chilly water to show the rest of us how it was done. And Sebastian, well, I think he hasn't met a person, place or thing he doesn't love!

It was pure bliss to watch them all play together for the first time... and, um, can we talk about how cute those suits are? Ra-di-cu-lous! So sweet.

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Harpy said...

FRENCHY'S! This is a neighborhood favorite for me, combined with Go Gators and you can't really do wrong.

Also, congrats to you, Miss Ali, well-deserved.