Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...on our walk through the town...

We knew immediately that Charleston was more than filled with charm when we came upon this house. Look closely in the window...yes, I think a golf shoe works just fine as a window prop! Ingenious.

Every nook, every cranny, every side alley was considered... filled with overflowing pots of blooming flowers. The scent of jasmine was almost overwhelming.

And of course, the traditional Charleston was there to find too... woven market baskets on every corner, horses carrying tourists down the streets.

And we can't forget about the exquisite rooftops and the soft pastels of Rainbow Row.

There were ancient graveyards to explore.

We followed footsteps north through the shopping district, where the students hang out. There you could see how the city changed with the imprints of our parent's decade.

We ended our walk with a cupcake reward. Sweet.

Can't wait to return to explore even further. A day is not enough!


L.C.T. said...

Ooooh that cupcake looks sooo good. You've just made me hungry. Lovely photos as always.

crashmattb said...

Loved your photos of Charleston. Was just there two weeks back for business, but brought my camera along and did a little photowalking, too. Such a unique city with tons of character. Loved it. By the way, my name is Matt. A coworker, Matt McClendon, forwarded your blog site to me. Hope you don't mind if I check in from time to time. Ciao!