Monday, April 13, 2009

a blue ridge easter.

Witt and I got to spend our Easter with the Harper clan in Blue Ridge...

... and in just 24 hours, we...

- dyed 18(ish) eggs
- found 3 hidden Easter baskets
- learned 1 new Nintendo game
- played 4 games of pool
- watched 1 movie
- drank 1 (large) bottle of wine
- feasted at the #1 restaurant in town (well, we think so at least!), Repaz
- caught up on 5 months of missing each other!

Sigh. I love Blue Ridge with the fam. There's nothing better.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing better when Aunt Ali is there to capture it all on film too :) Thanks for the visit and the wonderful time with the kids -- they love you so much... and we all know how much they love Matt!!