Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day with ellie

At first she was curious.

Then she got angry... barking and snapping at the falling snow.

And then, with a few more cautious steps, she was off and running. Fast! Catching snowflakes with a quick bite at the air, searching for lost toys under the blanket of whiteness and romping about when the flakes hit her fur.

So glad it wasn't a school day and we could enjoy it together. Here's what we found...

When can we go out again?


Dawn Gahan said...

You've outdone yourself with this lovingly stirred batch of goodness. Do post on etsy. I feel the urge to purchase.


P.S. You and she are soulmates. What a great pair you are.

Shandra said...

These are just beautiful-love the one of the birdhouse. An amazing collection capturing such a fun "snow day"-you are truly talented.

Good-Grace said...

Oh Ellie must have had a BALL! Absolutely lovely photo's ... magical!