Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkins & Pies.

Hunting for pumpkins has started to become a tradition — and Burt's Farm (near bro's cabin in Blue Ridge) provides the best venue for it. You have to go mentally prepared that it's going to be a mob scene and dressed appropriately to maneuver a giant wheelbarrow full of your finds between unaware children and their parents. So many varieties, colors and sizes, plus apple pie and cider. I left $30 poorer, but 6 pumpkins and 1 gourd richer. Totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

These photos of yours make me feel all warm and toasty inside Al! Love the rich colors of all the Fall-ness! :)
What is your Etsy seller name? I want to go check out your wares!

Love ya!

ali said...

Hi Andi! I haven't listed anything yet, but I have opened the shop up in anticipation. The Etsy shop is located here:

Please check back in a few weeks! But I'll also do a separate flibberty post that will tell you when I'm all up and running!