Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seaweed Green? No. Stockholm? Yes.

Ugh. The 'ol schnoz is getting waaaaaaaay better, but now I seem to have picked up a head cold from someone at work. Question: why do people go to work when they are sick? My office is a giant petri dish these days. I'm thinking I may just have to lather my desk in Purell or come to work in a plastic bubble. Yes, that should do the trick.

That said, it will be another lazy weekend, but I'm looking forward to it. Witt and I have been conquering some major reno projects at his place, which mainly involves slapping paint on the walls. Well, then realizing that the color that you chose made the kitchen/living room look like the suit combinations from an episode of Miami Vice, so it's back to the paint store for another try. Seaweed Green looked so soft and lovely in theory, but is not the best choice for a guy's loft. Oops. Gonna try Olive Green today. Wish me luck.

A month ago or so, Witt made the very difficult decision of purchasing a new couch (seriously, buying a couch is like deciding if you can live with someone, quite the commitment) and a new coffee table. Slowly, the living room is coming together — we hung new drapes, exchanged out some artwork — and this past weekend, purchased this beauty:

And nope, it's not $399, it's $299, and yes, it's from IKEA! I was shocked too. It is probably the only furniture piece I'd every say is well-made from IKEA. Well, some of their bookshelves are too, but this takes the cake. If you try to slam the drawers, they stop, and softly close themselves. There are two shelves on either side with roll-top closures. The legs are solid wood. In fact, the marketing campaign that IKEA did for this line — Stockholm — is really spot-on; it's basically them agreeing that this line is the most expensive and highest-quality that they've ever done before and so be it. I love that... and I'm wondering if IKEA is rethinking their product/marketing strategy? This could get interesting.

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