Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can I get a "Yes"?

Surgery went double thumbs up good. Better than expected, even. I look like I've been sucker-punched though. Kind of like the mugshot of when Jasmine Bleeth got arrested. It's a terribly disgusting healing process (don't worry, I will spare you the details). The part that is more sucky than I imagined is that I have to sleep in a chair for 3 weeks. Well, either that or choke on my own goo. Fun!

But guess what?
I don't have a headache. Or a migraine.
And I feel like screaming that from the rooftops!

If only I could move my upper lip. Yup, got some nerve damage in the sinuses, so my upper lip is puffy and somewhat non-responsive, but that should go away.

The best part about the surgery is that they wrote "Yes" in big purple marker across my cheek so that the surgeon remembered the side of the turbinate and polyps he would be removing/working on. Too funny. I kept it there for a day and then found it actually wasn't that funny when I couldn't get it off. I have a nice red mark there now to remember it by.

Thank you all so much for all of the support and kind words and prayers you've sent my way. It means more than you know. I can't wait to get back to a state of normalcy and know that it is just around the bend. I am so blessed to have been in such good hands and surrounded by such amazing friends and family (and my Witt). Yes, I'm convinced that is why everything went so smoothly, so perfectly.



mom/ninny said...

No worries.
No stress.
Just get some rest.
Feel better soon!
love you lots, mom & dad

Debbie said...

Well if that isn't the best news I've heard all day, I don't know what is! I'm so happy to hear your headaches are gone, POOF! So sorry you have to sleep in the chair and I hope these three weeks fly by for you. That is funny about the YES, that cracked me up.