Monday, May 19, 2008

Come on in.

Ok, so my last post confused a few of ya'll... no... sadly, those are NOT pictures of my home. Oh, I wish they were! And yes, A, that is a stretched map on transparency paper, illuminated in the window light. I know, it's perfect, right?

That book has amazing ideas, and I've definitely used (stolen) a few of them. That said, I'm working on a found Fridays weekly post that will give a little glimpse into the old homestead. I can't promise anything too inspirational, but hey, who doesn't like to peer into someone's space every now and then?

I've been a shade absent from posting as of late and it's totally Dgirl's fault. Her "to blog or to read" post got me thinking that I need to read more (or more like put down the laptop more), and now I'm hooked on the same book she was hooked on that made her leave her blog nest for awhile too. So, go blame Dawn. Enough said. I'm off to bed to read-sleep.

1 comment:

Dawn Gahan said...

Now there's gonna be even more good things about Friday with your homestead postings!!!!!!

And just wait 'til you get to book 2; even better than the first . . .