Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maybe I should stick with design.

Ok, I totally am going to swallow my pride right now and post the picture of my completed doll. She scares me... and will scare small children, so don't worry, she'll be put away in the "remember never to do this again" pile.

But I figure this blog is all about learning, and unfortunately today I will be learning by my mistakes. Too much black. Too big a brush. Too much pink. Not enough practice. It's kinda like she put on makeup for the first time. Or put it on in a moving car. Ewwww, she's creeping me out. Must. Look. Away.

Ok, to give myself some credit and to attempt to look on the bright side — check out those gathers on that apron, will ya! At least I did good there.

Well, next time will be better. (If there is a next time.) And I promise the next project that I share with you won't scare you away. Please stay with me. Please? Pretty please?


Anonymous said...
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mom/ninny said...

I don't think you should give up! The apron is awesome-perfect pleating. Where is the "face-less" person? Practice makes perfect!

Dawn Gahan said...

It will take more than brooding, bitter doll to scare me away! (And, it's really not that bad. I think we were just expecting something more reflective of your sweet, happy face.)

Dawn E. Girl