Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Even Stefan Sagmeister keeps a diary.

This event held by AIGA/Atlanta should be amazing; I'm really looking forward to it. I actually haven't attended an AIGA event in probably 3 years now, yet I've been a member this whole time. For some reason, this one really peaked my interest. Well, it is Stefan Sagmeister. And hearing him talking about his personal growth will be very, very enlightening. I really like the design of this poster, and particularly the statement on one of the learnings (click on image to see them all), "Keeing a diary supports personal development". I'm finding this to be very true, once again.

I kept a diary when I was a teenager. It was quite small, with lined paper, and had a shiny gold lock on the side with it's very own key. Yes, I locked it every night after I wrote in it, usually in my favorite bright green ink. And yes, I always began my entries with, "Dear Diary". I loved that. It felt incredibly special, even though all my girlfriends did the same thing. Perhaps it was because it was something that was truly mine, and not shared by my family or friends — secret, intimate thoughts that seemed very important at the time. I wish I still had it.

I wonder if teenage girls still keep diaries... or perhaps, they just blog?


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moo said...

Hey dude - it's one of your girlfriends from your teen years! Just wanted you to know that I still have my old diaries from high school... on randomly rare occasions I take a peek at the child I once was and Whoa, Nelly! There was some drama going on!!! Ha ha ha ha... I'll have to share sometime with you - you'd appreciate, I'm sure!