Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One for me, one for you.

I meant to show you these potholders awhile back! Silly me.

Mom made them for me from the book I gave her for Christmas - Amy Butler's In Stitches. A present for a present! I absolutely adore them, and they certainly will come in handy when I use that new cast iron cooker.

She used 2 types of Amy's fabric. I can't seem to find any in Atlanta, but I got to see a bunch of the new patterns last weekend (when I was in Florida). That was pretty inspiring - I love her graphic prints - so we picked out a new pattern of hers to try as well:

Well, mom's gonna try it first. I need to start smaller! That said, I found a great little dress pattern for baby girls this weekend, so I'll be working on a little ditty for Miss Finn. Cross your fingers I can do the button holes. That said, here's a great tutorial I saw today that just may save me (and you) a lot of time!

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