Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iPhone, uPhone, weallPhone.

I was gifted this beauty from my fabulous Witt for Christmas. (Yes, I am a very lucky girl and now feel extra bratty.) I don't know if he knew the type of monster it was going to turn me into when he gave it to me, but folks, lemme just tell ya. I have officially Mac'd out.

I loved the iPhone the day it came on the market. Never thought I'd be an owner of one, since my 3 year old and practically taped together Samsung wasn't bothering anyone. Well, that's not true.... actually, it was. I never realized it before, but I never took said phone out of my purse, much less bothered to input names into speed dial, nor even begin to learn how to text. To me, it was something that I used "In Case of Emergency", and just called the person back once I got to a landline, well, if I remembered to. I was a bad cell-phoner. (And I'm so sorry.)

So I've been figuring this little piece of technology genius out over the past few days and finally realized that I haven't used my .mac account to it's fullest capabilities, and that's just embarrassing. The syncing stuff that is... but now my computer at work and at home are harmonious with each other. Like they are best buddies or something, making sure that what I did over here is working over there and viceaversa. It's like I have a secret assistant or something. I feel so special. And there are no excuses anymore like "the dog ate my homework" because just about everything is accessible from everywhere. And you know how I feel about accountablility. (Happy happy, joy joy.)

So I went to get the car scrubbed the other day and looked up to notice 5 out of the 20 some-odd people there had iPhones. Math tells me that's a really good average and that Santa gifted out a lot of these puppies last year. And we all kept looking at each other. And even talking to each other. Like a secret phone club. I have to say, I used to think this was silly, but I'm actually loving it. All different types of people getting excited about the same thing and wanting to share in that excitement. It's just good branding.

Happy happy, joy joy.

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